What I read today

1 Chronicles 1-10; Proverbs 18; Ezekiel 45; Luke 7; Galatians 7

In Luke 7 verse 36-50 we find ourselves looking at a woman who knew just what she was.  She had lived a life apart from God.  We don’t know everything she’d done but she knew that she had sinned.

Then she met Jesus.

The story here is an example for all of us.  We’re sinful people.  We’ve failed to live up to God’s commands.  We’ve made a mess of our lives and done things that we should not have done.  Some of us believe that God can’t forgive us.

In those moments of doubt look to the woman in this story.

Follow her example and turn to the God of Grace and Mercy.  Turn to the son Jesus who forgives us all our sins.  It’s not about what we’ve done to earn grace and mercy.  It’s about what God has done for us.  It’s about what Jesus did for us.

Just like the woman in the story when we turn to Jesus we find a savior standing there with open arms!

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