What I read today

2 Kings 24-25; Proverbs 17; Ezekiel 44; Luke 6; Galatians 1

I’m a sap for those video clips of people doing good things for others.  Just like some of these:

  • A waitress feeding a young woman’s child so she could eat in peace.
  • A young military soldier returning home to see her child for the first time in nearly a year cradling her young son with tears running down her face.
  • The puppy that curls up next to an infant.
  • The surgeon who fixes a child’s teddy bear before surgery

We focus so much on the negative of our politics today that we miss the simple acts of kindness and love going on all around us.

Jesus tells us to love our enemies.  He tells us to bless them and do good to them.  It’s hard when you’ve been attacked.  But if we’re ever going to get past the bitterness and anger of our current age then we have to focus on loving one another.  We need to focus on Jesus words to live a life of love for our fellow man and woman.

Maybe we need to focus on the good news that happens every day all around us and take our focus off of the negative we see in our news.

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