What I read today

2 Kings 15-16; Proverbs 13; Ezekiel 40; Luke 2; 2 Corinthians 10

A debate goes on in the United States between Conservatives and Liberals.  It’s largely a debate about the interpretation of the constitution of the United States.  Liberals say the constitution is a living document that should change as society change changes.  Conservatives and Constitutionalists believe it should be interpreted as written by the framers.

We have similar debates within the church over how the word of God should be treated and interpreted.  There are multiple interpretations of certain passages and arguments over how things apply to our lives today versus during the time Jesus walked the earth.

The sad part of both of these debates isn’t the debate itself it’s the fact that most people don’t have any idea what the constitution says and even worse, most Christians don’t really know what’s in the Bible.

In the Christian community, we see raging debates between scholars on both sides of an argument.  Unfortunately, most of the people in the pews have literally no idea how to judge the argument.  We’ve stopped revering the word of God in our homes.  This is how we end up in these endless debates.

The people of God need to read and study the word of God so they can be the check on their leaders in the church.

Proverbs 13 verse 13 sums it up like this:

“Those who despise the word bring destruction on themselves, but those who respect the commandment will be rewarded.”

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