What I read today

2 Kings 11-12; Proverbs 11; Ezekiel 38; Mark 16; 2 Corinthians 8

On Tuesday the 2nd of October, Cara and I were trying to deal with buying prescription drugs.  Our insurance changed, and it’s now cheaper to buy some of our generic drugs at Sams Club and a local pharmacy in town.

I was talking with the pharmacist who was doing everything she could to try and get our non-generic drug business.  She was pulling out coupons, trying to find creative ways to by-pass our insurance she just kept working.

What made me sit and listen was that the cost of my insulin has gone from around $10 a bottle over the counter in 2000 to $180 a bottle today.  Nothing has changed with the formula, but the price has gone through the roof.  Cara takes Humira which is around $1800 a month without insurance.

I think that is what God is talking about when he discusses “false Balances” in Proverbs 11 verse 1.

Business owners are entitled to make a profit.  No one denies that or thinks they should work for free.  However, there is a difference between a profit and gouging.  God calls that out in this verse.

Capitalism has set more people free and raised the standard of living around the world than any other system known to humanity.  However, many take advantage of that system to rip off and harm there brothers and sisters.

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