What I read today

In recent days we’ve seen a lot of pontificating from our politicians over the supreme court.  Once the noise begins it filters down throughout our society.  You can’t really find a facebook page where someone has an opinion over Judge Kavanaugh or Dr. Ford.

Then I see people hopping on the bandwagon telling tales of college and high school parties.  Some trying to make Dr. Ford look bad some trying to make Judge Kavanaugh look bad.

Recently, a couple of baseball players were called out for tweets made in high school. We’ve seen sexting become a significant problem among teens.

I’m actually pretty happy that twitter and facebook didn’t exist when I was a teenager.  I’m not sure that the world could have handled some of the stupid things I might have said as a testosterone filled teenager.

We’ve become adept at pointing out the sins of other people in this country.  I don’t mean to make light of the situation but college students, both male and female, drink.  In some places, high school students drink, again both male and female.  Every one of us, if we’re honest, has some skeleton in the back of the closet that we hope no one ever sees.  The party where we made a fool of ourselves or the time we did or said something we really shouldn’t have said.

Unfortunately, what’s happening today is that we use these things from peoples past to attempt to destroy them.

That’s why I think we should post Proverbs 10 verse 12 all over the internet today.  The verse says “Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.”

In Martin Luther’s Large Catechism he wrote the following about the 8th commandment:

“Knowing about a sin does not involve the right to sit in judgment on it.  I am of course able to see and hear my neighbor sinning, but I have no business reporting it all around town.  If I poke my nose in and judge and condemn then I fall into a worse sin than his.  So when you get to know about a sin, let your ear become its grave and shovel the dirt in on top of it and do not resurrect it until the day you are appointed the judge and thus have the duty to administer punishment by virtue of your office.”

It seems to me that maybe we need to spend more time focusing on our own lives and living them correctly and spend less time reviewing the sins of the past when people were young and stupid!

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