What I read today

2 Kings 3-4; Proverbs 7; Ezekiel 34; Mark 12; 2 Corinthians 4

Israel’s Rabbi’s and Priests had stopped preaching God’s word.  They stopped preaching the law and the Gospel.  It had turned ugly with every form of violence, sexual sin, theft, and idol worship that you could imagine.  That’s why God had been punishing them.  That’s why the northern and southern kingdoms split.  But the leaders, the kings, and religious leaders had continued leading the people away from God and his word.

But in Ezekiel 34 starting with verse 11 and stretching all the way to verse 30 God shows how he’s going to solve this problem.  He tells the people that in spite of what the religious leadership has done, God himself is going to seek out and search for the lost.  God’s going to re-assemble and gather together to himself all those who still hold tightly to him.  He’s going to find those who place their hope and trust in his saving grace and mercy.

Then he reiterates the promise he made to Abraham.  In verse 23 and 24 he promises to send his servant a new David to the world.  He’s telling us that Jesus is on the way.

No matter how far away from God we have fallen.  No matter what we’ve done.  No matter how many times we fail.  God is still seeking each one of us out.  He’s still watching and waiting for us to stop fighting him and simply let him take us by the hand and be carried along by him.

He’s still searching for us today.

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