What I read today

1 Kings 11-12; Psalm 150; Ezekiel 27; Mark 5; 1 Corinthians 13

There’s a gentleman who works for me.  He lives in a small town in southern Illinois.  He’s had some rough spells in his life, and he lives alone.  He talks a little rough.  He tries to put on a tough guy act.

Then you find out that he lives a couple of blocks away from his aging mother.  He takes her dinner every night.  He uses his sick time to take his mother to doctor appointments and makes arrangements for home health care to come and take care of her.  He was told once to put her in a nursing home, but after he saw the attention she was receiving from the staff, he pulled her back out within a day.  There are times she can’t remember his name.  There are other times when she can’t remember that he was there the day before.  But he keeps taking care of her.  His sister helps a lot, to be sure.

While he puts on a big act about how much of a pain she is, in the end, you can tell he’s going to take care of her until the very end.

Isn’t that what love is?  Isn’t that the love Paul speaks of in 1 Corinthians 13 vs. 4-7?  I think it is!

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