What I read today

2 Samuel 23-24; Psalm 144; Ezekiel 21; Matthew 27; 1 Corinthians 6

What do you put your faith in?

What do you trust above all else?

When you search for meaning in life where do you search?

1 Corinthians 6 is a chapter that Paul writes condemning the behavior of members of the Corinthian church.

Believers were using the courts against other believers.  Paul couldn’t believe it.  Today we have believers attacking other believers all around us.  This group is liberal, and this group is conservative.  This group is reformed, and this group is Protestant.  This group is Catholic this group is Lutheran.   It’s sad to see the state of the church today. Indeed these arguments have become so out of control that we’ve missed the point in how we should live today.

Starting in Verse 9 Paul leads us through a list of things that can come between God and us.

Fornication & adultery– Many people will use this chapter to condemn homosexual behavior.  However, we seem to forget that the rest of the verse attacks all sorts of sexual sins.  Today cheating on our spouses has become all too common.  Divorce has left a trail of destruction all around us that is easy to see.  Sex is glorified on every movie, tv show and tabloid article that we read.  We’ve come to believe that sex outside of marriage is no big deal.  Now we are shocked that we have a sexual harassment problem, or an out of wedlock birth rate that’s way too high, or single mothers struggling to survive while fathers are absent.

Idolatry – We put a lot of things ahead of our relationship with God don’t we?   Things like our jobs, possessions, bank accounts,  relationships, drugs, alcohol, partying and so many other things. When those things leave us empty, we search for meaning in “spiritual” things.  We search for help from self-help gurus and therapists.  We spend large amounts of money seeking something divine but failing to really go to the Divine one himself.

The Greedy, the Thieves and robbers –  It’s about money and possessions.  We put them first in our lives, and we live to gather more and more.  Businesses routinely put profits ahead of workers.  The government continually fails to live within its means and thinks nothing of raising taxes to a point where people can’t afford them.  People steal cable, they hack into their neighbors’ wireless internet, the list goes on and on.  If you want to see, people’s true character wait for a relative to pass away and watch the feud that erupts over that person’s estate.  Families have been wholly destroyed over paltry sums of money.

The state of our human condition hasn’t changed much.  The truth is we’re no different today than we were 2000 years ago when Jesus walked the earth or 6000 years ago when Noah walked the earth.

But that’s why Jesus had to walk the earth, isn’t it?  Jesus had to walk the earth because human beings were incapable of living up to the standards God sets.  We aren’t capable of obeying the law of God.  We aren’t capable of living out the law of Moses or even following the 10 commandments.  In all honesty, we can’t even live up to the golden rule.

That’s why we needed a savior.  That’s why Jesus came.  That’s how much God loved us!



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