What I read today

2 Samuel 7-8; Psalm 136; Ezekiel 13; Matthew 19; Romans 14

David wanted to build a monument to God.  A temple for the God of the universe to reside in.  Nathan the prophet thought that surely God would bless this and allow David to move ahead.

But God had other ideas.

Sometimes we have well-intentioned ideas. Things we want to do with our lives.  Things we want to do for God or other people.  For some reason, God says no.  We don’t understand why.  We can’t really figure out what is happening.  But God has other plans.

In David’s case, God knew that the people saw David as a warrior.  The people David conquered saw David as a conqueror.  God would use David’s son, a man of peace, to build the temple.  Not David.

David didn’t understand why.  But, he was grateful that God would bless his family.  Sometimes we just have to accept that God understands what he’s doing and we don’t.

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