What I read today

2 Samuel 5-6; Psalm 135; Ezekiel 12; Matthew 18; Romans 13

People who don’t have Christ simply don’t understand the peace and joy that Christ brings.  They will accuse Christians of being self-righteous, arrogant, homophobic and all sorts of other names.   They’ll never understand what is happening inside a true believers heart.

David was dancing for joy.  He humbled himself before God and his people and alongside the lowliest of his citizens, he danced before the Lord.  Michal, his wife, and Sauls daughter couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  How could the king of Israel humiliate himself like this?  He should keep this joy he was feeling in his heart inside himself for no one else to see.  That’s what the world thinks Christians should behave like.  Keep that Christian thing to yourself on Sunday’s.

But we can’t.  Our true desire is to show the world the face of the Savior.  If that makes us foolish so-be-it.


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