What I read today

1 Samuel 30-31; Psalm 132; Ezekiel 9; Matthew 15; Romans 10

You hear it a lot. I don’t need Christ.  I’m a good person.  God is “love” he won’t keep anyone out of heaven.

We hear it all the time.  You see it on TV, we hear about it on the news.  So many revered figures who did so much good that they’ll be in heaven.

But the truth is no matter how many good things we do we just don’t measure up.  God demands perfection.  We’re not perfect.  We can’t be perfect.  No matter how we try, we just don’t measure up to the requirements of the law of God.  We know it in our hearts.  So we have a problem

But Romans 10:4 gives us the answer to the problem.  “For Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes.” 

Jesus fulfilled all the laws requirements in our place.  His work on the Cross provides all who believe in him the security to know they will be in heaven with him one day.  Not because of all that we have done but because of what Jesus did for us!

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