What I read today

1 Samuel 27-29; Psalm 131; Ezekiel 8; Matthew 14; Romans 9

In my eyes, Saul is a tragic character.  He’s given the kingdom of Israel.  Saul is selected to be the leader of a nation that represents the one true God. Saul ruled for over 40 years.

But Saul, like many of us, lived a complicated life.  He was never truly secure in his walk of faith.  Saul struggled with trust and patience.  Two things which I believe that most of us struggle with at one time or another.  Some of us more often than we care to admit.

Unfortunately, Saul finally gave in and rebelled against God.

His failure would cost the lives of his sons and the nation would suffer greatly after his death before David could fully take the throne.

In the end, Saul’s life is a cautionary tale for each one of us.   While commentators are mixed as to the salvation of Saul verse 19 offers a glimmer of hope.  Samuel says to him “tomorrow you and your sons will be with me.”

Does that mean that Saul was saved?

The truth is that this side of heaven we won’t know.  But if there is hope for Saul then there is hope for all of us.  Jesus came to grant each one of us forgiveness of sins.  He took everything we’d ever done upon himself and gave each of us a path to salvation.  In our life, we will stumble and fall.  We will have regrets and failures.  But Jesus stands there with open arms waiting to welcome us when we turn back to him.

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