What I read today

1 Samuel 23-24; Psalm 129; Ezekiel 6; Matthew 12; Romans 7

Paul was extremely complicated.  You can see it in every book of the bible that he wrote.  Paul could be incredibly inspirational and then blast the paint off the side of a concrete building.  He was human to the core.  Romans 7 is a prime example of the fact that Paul struggled with day to day life just like every one of us does.

I imagine that Paul had quite a temper.  I can believe that at times he could be quite overbearing.  I’ll bet that there were times in his ministry that he wished he hadn’t said something to someone.  I think Romans 7 captures every bit of the struggle that Paul felt in his day to day life.

Verse 14-20 spell it out.  I Know the good I should do, but I keep doing what I shouldn’t. Paul understood that there was a struggle going on inside of each one of us.  A battle to do what God wants us to do versus what the world wants us to do.  It’s a struggle that some days we’ll win and some days we’ll lose.

That’s why we needed a savior.  That’s why we needed Jesus to save each one of us from our selves.  We couldn’t obey what the law says we have to obey.  So God did it for us.

In those moments of struggle and self-doubt lean on Jesus and his saving work on the cross.  Fall back into the arms of a savior who loves you.

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