What I read today

1 Samuel 15-16; Psalm 125; Ezekiel 2; Matthew 8; Romans 3

Human beings often make decisions based on the superficial.  We pick our politicians on how they look or what party they affiliate with.  We choose our movies based on what the leading man or woman looks like.  We pick our church based on the minister and how good a sermon he gives.

It starts at a young age.  The cliques that form in school begin almost from kindergarten.  The best looking, the most athletic, the smart kids, the list just goes on and on.

Yet we really never know about people do we.

There was a movie that came out years ago called “Gardens of Stone”.  James Caan and James Earl Jones played Non-Commissioned Officers in the Army stationed at the squadron in Arlington, VA that laid to rest soldiers who died in Vietnam.

One particular soldier drove James Caan’s character crazy.  This soldier would fail every inspection, screw up while going through drills, and generally be a problem every day.  During maneuvers, Caan snuck up on the young man, catching him off guard.  Caan told him that as bad a soldier as he was he wouldn’t live long if he was ever sent to Vietnam.

Towards the end of the movie, the young man is sent to Vietnam.

Little did anyone know that this young man, who everyone thought was a total screw-up would wind up charging a machine gun nest and saving many soldiers.  You see no one really knew his heart.  They merely judged him based on his appearance.

God taught the nation of Israel a lesson when he placed Saul into the kingship.  He was tall and handsome.  Saul looked like he was made to be the king.  But when faced with a choice between obeying God and his personal interest he chose personal gain.  Ultimately, he would lose the kingdom.

God chose David.  While he was handsome, David was short and really didn’t have the “look” of a king.  Yet David would become the greatest king in the history of Israel.  David would write the majority of the Psalms, and he would reign over the nation as it grew to the height of its power.  David wasn’t perfect.  He failed, and he sinned.  Yet God would say that David was a man after his own heart.

God knows each of us.  He knows our hearts.  He chooses us not because we’re the fastest, or the most gifted, or because we’re the most educated or intelligent.

That’s why Jesus picked fisherman in Galilee.  God chooses those who don’t think they have anything to offer.  God takes those who are weak and uses them to do incredible things.  If you think about it, the entire book of Judges is filled with ordinary people who God used to do extraordinary things.  God does that so that he can show his greatness through them!

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