What I read today

1 Samuel 11-12; Psalm 123; Lamentations 5; Matthew 6; Romans 1

Where do you see God?  What makes his existence known to you?  How do you know that God is here, right now?

Paul says that those who don’t believe in God have no excuse?  Why is that?

I think that if you really think about it if you really look, you see God in many things around us.

I saw him at the birth of my children.

I look back and see him moving around quietly in my life.

I saw him in the ocean and the mountains and the forests.

I’ve seen him in random acts of kindness that people have done to me and for others.

I see him in the wagging of my dog Sam’s tail and the Scottish Terrier Smile of my Dog Maggy.

I see him in the rain and in the sunshine.

Looking at the world, I see his fingerprints all over creation.  I heard it said once that it was impossible to believe that all of this was created by chance.  Someone or Something had to be involved.

Looking around each and every day we should take the time to see God’s presence and his grace and mercy in each and every day.


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