What I read today

1 Samuel 9-10; Psalm 122; Lamentations 4; Matthew 5; Revelation 21-22

In 2013 Briana and I decided to train to hike up to the top of the Twin Sisters in Estes Park Colorado.  The first time we tried to hike it things didn’t go well.  You have to train if you are going to climb to the summit of a 12,000 ft mountain.  Over the next few weeks, we began climbing different trails throughout the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Our final preparation climb was the Emerald Lake Trail which topped out around 10,000 feet.

As you walked, you’d pass these three very different mountain lakes


Nymph Lake
Nymph Lake
Dream Lake
Dream Lake

And Finally at the top of the trailhead

Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake

Two weeks later we were ready.  We woke up at 4 AM and headed to Estes Park.  We parked in the small lot directly next to the trailhead, and at 5 AM we started our trek up the side of the mountain.

Sisters 1
View about a 1/2 mile from the parking area

As we climbed higher and, higher Briana would get tired and want to stop.  But we kept pushing upwards.  Sometimes she’d get mad at me for forcing her to keep moving, but a storm was coming into the area, and if we were going to make it we had to keep pushing.

Sisters 2
Briana 30 minutes from the summit of the twin sisters

As you get closer to the end, the views become spectacular, but the air grows thin.  The lactate acid in your legs begins to scream at you.  The path is rockier and steeper.  Briana wanted to quit, but I kept pushing her.

We had no idea how much higher we had to climb.  We’d never been on this path before.  We thought we were close, but we’d been climbing for nearly 3 hours.  We were tired, sweaty and hoping we’d make it.  What we didn’t know was that we were so close to the top of the mountain.

Then literally, as we turned a corner, it happened.  We’d made it to the top.

Sisters 3
View from the Summit of the Twin Sisters in Estes Park Colorado. 11,500 feet

I remember the tears coming down Briana’s Face and choking back tears of my own.  Nearly 4 hours of climbing and we’d made it.  It’s a day that neither of us will ever forget.

Life is like that.  We don’t know what’s coming around the bend.  Sometimes debris gets thrown in our path.  Sometimes we have to climb steep pathways.  Sometimes we just want to quit.  Often we need the help of another person or a walking stick to push past the things in our way.  It’s not until we get to the summit of the mountain that we can see the view from the top.  It’s that summit that makes it all worth the effort.

In the last two chapters of Revelation, the Apostle John shows us a picture of what Heaven will look like.  He shows a city coming out of the clouds.  He shows us a city lit up by the very presence of God himself.  John gives us a glimpse of what it will be like while living in the presence of Jesus himself.  No more pain, no more sickness, no more tears and no more disease or sin.  We will see Jesus face to face and he will wipe every tear from our eyes.

Our life will be like climbing a mountain.  There will be lots of pain, tons of struggle but as Christians, we can focus on what’s waiting for us in the end.

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