What I read today

1 Samuel 5-6; Psalm 120; Lamentations 2; Matthew 3; Revelation 17-18

When I was a kid in the 1970’s every now and then we would go shopping with my Grandmother.  It didn’t happen often, but when it did, it was a big occasion.  My Dad would get everyone in the car, and we’d drive from Woodstock, IL to Harvard, IL and pick up my grandmother.  We’d take off and head to Cherry Vale Mall in Rockford.  We’d visit all the big stores.  Woolworth, Sears and usually stop at the big K-Mart before returning home.  Those were the big stores of the 1970’s.

Today Woolworth’s is gone.  This morning I read that Sears and K-Mart are closing more stores.  It looks like Sears and K-Mart are soon to join Woolworths as a thing of the past.  You can drive to many towns and see the empty stores with the outline of the K-Mart logo above the main entryway with a for sale sign out in front of the building.  Back in the 1970’s you would never have imagined that these goliath’s of the retail industry would in less than 30 years be a thing of the past.  Yet that’s precisely what happened.

Israel had been the dominant power in the middle east.  David’s and Solomon’s kingdoms stretched across the continent from Egypt to Iraq and Turkey.  But in a few hundred years it all came to an end.

In the book of Lamentations Jeremiah describes what’s happened to the nation of Israel.  They have fallen.  Babylon has sacked the city, the temple lays in ruins, God’s people are disbursed and exiled.  How the mighty have fallen.

But out of the fall of Israel God would restore the remnant and re-establish the nation.  He’d ultimately send his son.  Not to a mighty superpower, but to a territory that was occupied by the Roman empire.  A people struggling to find their identity.  A place where occupying soldiers were seen everywhere.

Our world is full of change.  Companies come and go.  Nations rise and fall.  Yet in the end, God is constant.  He moves throughout history changing the hearts and minds of people and continuing to build his kingdom.  Everything on earth is fleeting.  It’s all going to one day be gone.  But what will remain for eternity is our God.  Our hope is always in him.

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