What I read today

1 Samuel 3-4; Psalm 119; Lamentation 1; Matthew 2; Revelation 15-16

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter of the entire Bible.  It spans 176 verses that in my small Bible cover parts or all of 7 pages.

And it has a straightforward message.

Getting through this life will require God’s help.

The Psalmist tells us repeatedly through this chapter that we need to continually meditate on God’s word.  He tells us that we will never reach perfection, but we should strive to keep God’s word.

The chapter begins by saying that happy are those who keep God’s word.  He moves on to beg God to teach us his commands. Then the Psalmist tells us that when God’s word has humbled us that we should hold onto it with all of our might.  After this, he says to us that in our darkest hour God’s word lights a lamp for our feet.  The Psalmist yearns for God’s salvation as he get’s older.  Finally, he begs God not to forget him.  He throws himself on God’s mercy.

The entire message of the Bible in one single, long, Psalm.  Amazing.

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