What I read today

Ruth 3-4; Psalm 117; Jeremiah 51; Acts 28; Revelation 11-12

Ruth and Naomi had it rough.  Naomi lost her husband and two sons.  Ruth lost her husband, had no children and left her homeland of Moab.  Ruth had been forced to pick up scraps so that she and Noami could survive.

Life’s like that.  One day things are great and then something happens that turns our world upside down.  There’s no logical explanation for what’s happening.  As we go through those times we can’t see through the forest.  We can’t understand why it’s happening.

In spite of what Ruth and Naomi are going through, God has a plan.  Ultimately, God leads Ruth to Boaz.  Boaz takes the steps to become the guardian of Naomi and husband of Ruth.  In the end, he becomes the great-grandfather to King David and enters the line of the Savior Jesus.

God uses the pain and struggles of this life to teach us patience, to help us grow and to further his work in the kingdom.  We may not understand this side of Heaven what is happening or why.  But we can rest easy knowing that God is truly in control and that he is wiser than we are.


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