What I read today

Ruth 1-2; Psalm116; Jeremiah 50; Acts 27; Revelation 9-10

Why do you Love the Lord?  What reason do you have for following someone you can’t even prove exists?

Psalm 116 has some answers:

  1. We love the Lord because he hears us.  He listens to our cries for help.  He promises to be there in times of struggle.
  2. God protects us in spite of our lack of understanding of who he is.  Our minds can’t grasp who God is.  We just can’t wrap our arms around what God is.  God promises to help us through our inability to understand him completely.
  3. God saves us from our sin.  He saved us from the fact a that we can’t be holy in his presence.  We can’t make ourselves perfect.  We can’t stand in his presence without help.
  4. Because we are precious in his sight.  We are so valuable to him that he sent his son to save each and every one of us.  God saved us because we couldn’t save ourselves.

What do we do to show our thanks?

We proclaim his salvation to any who will listen! We offer the thanksgiving of our praises to the one who has done so much for each one of us.

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