What I read today

Judges 17-18; Psalm 114; Jeremiah 48; Acts 25; Revelation 5-6

Jeremiah speaks of the destruction of Moab in today’s reading.  The nation of Moab was the offspring of Lot, Abraham’s brother.  Lot was rescued by God from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  However, during the escape, his wife looked back and died.   Lot was left alone with his daughters hiding in a cave.  His daughters had gotten Lot drunk and slept with him producing sons that would become rulers of the Ammonites and the Moabites.  During the march into Canaan God had told the Israelites to destroy all the people and religious artifacts from these kingdoms but the Israelites had failed to complete this.

During this time the religion of Canaan had now infested into Israel itself after King Solomon imported the cult of the worship of the deity Chemosh.

Worship of Chemosh included ritual sex and child sacrifice.  This sounds horrible to us today.  How could anyone sacrifice their own child?

Today I celebrate the 33rd birthday of my oldest daughter Megan.  She was born August 22, 1985.  She was supposed to be born on October 7th, 1985.  Doctors fought to keep her from being born for over a month before she finally said, I’m coming, and you aren’t going to stop me, on August 22nd.

We spent thousands to bring her into this world.  I worked two jobs for a while and took every hour of overtime I could to pay off the bills.  We ended up on state aid to pay some of the medical bills off.  And if I asked Cara, I bet she’d agree that we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Today many people would like to see Abortion’s allowed at any time during a pregnancy.  Many would look at what Cara and I did as wasteful.  Many believe that we should have just aborted at the first signs of trouble.  It would have been more convenient. It wouldn’t have cost as much.  In the end, it’s Cara and my fault that we caused the medical system to spend upwards of $50,000.  That money could have gone to better use by aborting her.

If we had, we wouldn’t have our beautiful daughter today.  She wouldn’t be stepmother to 3 beautiful kids.  She wouldn’t have been married nearly a year.  We wouldn’t have watched her as she played volleyball in high school.  Play the clarinet.  March in the band.  Perform in school plays.  We wouldn’t have witnessed her love, live and cry.  What a loss not just for us but for every person who she’s encountered in her life.

We may not sacrifice to Molech or Chemosh anymore.  But we Sacrifice to the God of convenience.  We Sacrifice on the altar of money.

For some reason God allowed the practice of Child Sacrifice to continue for thousands of years.  The tradition continued in Africa and South America into the 1800’s and in some remote parts of the world even after that.  Why we’ll never understand.

Today God allows abortion, assisted suicide, forced suicide of the elderly in some countries and other practices to continue.  Again, we’ll never fully understand why.

But as Jeremiah said a day of reckoning will one day come to pass.  A day in which the cries of all the victims will be avenged by a Holy God.  I shudder to think what will happen on that day.

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