What I read today

Judges 15-6; Psalm 113; Jeremiah 47; Acts 24; Revelation 3-4

The story of Samson and Delilah is well known.

The mighty Samson giving in to the beauty of Delilah and her deceiving him and cutting his hair and Samson losing his powers and being taken captive.  It’s one of those stories we know from childhood.

However, if we think that Samson lost his strength because of a haircut, we’d be wrong.  Samson lost his power because he foolishly came to believe that it was his own strength that kept him strong.  He thought that keeping his vow, he’d stay strong.  God did have him under the Nazirite vow.  Yes, he did.  However, when asked about where he got his strength he failed to acknowledge that he received his power from God and God alone.

It’s the same with you and me. We fail to acknowledge that our strength comes from God.  Our abilities are a gift from God.  The talents we have that make us successful come from God.  It’s not what we do it’s what God has done for us.

Samson didn’t realize that until the very end of his life.  When standing between those two pillars, he cries out to God to give him the strength.  That’s when Samson finally got it.

We should always remember that it’s God who gives us our abilities and strengths and then praise him for his kindness, grace, and mercy.

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