What I read today

Judges 13-14; Psalm 112; Jeremiah 46; Acts 23; Revelation 1-2

Raising kids is not for the faint of heart.  It’s really tough.  When our first child was born in 1985 things were far different than they are today.  People weren’t assuming that if you disciplined your child, you were abusing them.

When our youngest was born in 1995 things had begun to change.   The state was involving itself in raising children far more than they were previously.  Government agencies, teachers, and others were now actively getting in between parents and their children.

Today we have thousands of books, internet sites, psychologists and other “experts” telling us how to raise our children.  Parents have become frightened at the prospect of raising children for fear of being labeled as abusive.

What used to be known as “discipline” has now been called abuse in some quarters.

But God has gifted us with the blessing of having children.  It’s our job as parents to do the best we can to raise them.  So how do we do it?

In Judges 13 the Angel of the Lord (Jesus) appears to the wife of Manoah and tells her that she is going to have a son.  Keep in mind that she has been unable to have children up to this point in her life.  After she tells her husband Manoah about this, Manoah shows us who we should turn to for advice in raising our children.

Manoah Prays to God and asks God to teach us what we should do concerning the child.

I wish I had learned that lesson earlier in life.  I might not have made some of the mistakes that I made.

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