What I read today

Judges 11-12; Psalm 111; Jeremiah 45; Acts 22; 3 John & Jude

Paul has endured riots, beatings, and prison in the past.  But what’s about to happen is like nothing he’s ever been through before.  Now he’s about to endure some years in chains before ending up in front of Caesar’s court in Rome.

In Jerusalem, he has been worshiping in the temple.  Once the Jews realize who he is, the traitor to the Jewish faith, Paul is nearly killed.  As the Roman Soldiers grab him and arrest him, he does what no one expects.  Paul preaches the Gospel.  He begs the very people who are attacking him to turn to Christ.   Paul gives testimony admitting who Paul tells everyone who he is and what he has done, both good and bad.  Then he shows them what he has become.

Today we’re afraid to talk about Jesus for fear of offending someone.  Kind of sad isn’t it.  When you think about it, we don’t face any real persecution.

But I think a time is coming when we might.  What will we do then?

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