What I read today

Judges 5-6; Psalm 108; Jeremiah 42; Acts 19; 1 John 1-2

Walking in darkness is easy.  We’re surrounded by darkness.  The world is continually trying to crowd in on us.  Society is always trying to separate us from the Love of God.  It pushes into our daily lives so quickly that we often don’t even know it’s there.

John talks about these things in the first two chapters of his letter.

He tells us that we deceive ourselves if we don’t believe that we sin and walk in darkness.  Each one of us struggles with sin every day.  The problem with many in the church is we have come to believe that we are better than everyone else.  But John clearly rebukes that by saying if we say we have no sin the truth is not in us and we make Jesus a liar.

We will struggle with Sin our whole lives.  But in the end, Jesus has already paid our debt.  He’s already made us secure in our salvation.  But that doesn’t mean we should cave into the world.  In fact out of our love for Jesus we should continue allowing the Holy Spirit to change our lives and lead us further along in our journey of faith.

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