What I read today

Judges 3-4; Psalm 107; Jeremiah 41; Acts 18; 2 Peter 2-3

Peter describes a day when people will “scoff” at what God’s Word has to say.  They’ll indulge in their own lusts.  They’ll declare that God is a myth.  People will say he doesn’t exist.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

We wonder sometimes why Jesus is taking so long to come back.  We can’t understand why God allows some of the things that happen to continue happening.  God’s all powerful why can’t he stop the violence, why can’t he put an end to the ungodliness that surrounds us.

Peter tells us why in chapter 3 vs. 9.  God is patient wanting everyone to come to him.  He is waiting for the last person who wishes to join him actually does.  Sounds kinda crazy, doesn’t it.  God could simply just compel all of us to follow him.  But he gives us a choice.  We can resist his call and go our own way or we can turn and follow his voice.  But in the end, he wants each and every one of us to follow him.  He’s patient.

So what do we do in the meantime?  In chapter 3 vs. 17-18, Peter says we should not get enticed into submitting to the way the world lives.  We should continue praying and stay close to his word.  We need to continue to strengthen our relationship with him and we wait patiently.

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