What I read today

Judges 1-2; Psalm 106; Jeremiah 40; Acts 17; 1 Peter 5 & 2 Peter 1

The history of Israel after Joshua’s death is a sad story.  Within 2 generations the people began moving away from the God who saved them from Egypt, led them through the desert and gave them the promised land.

But the real problem started before the generation following Joshua was laid to rest.  God had given them a command.  Smash the alters and drive out the people entirely.  Let none of them live in your land.

God understood that the worship that the people of Canaan practiced would lead the young nation astray.  The religion that the people of Canaan practiced was full of rituals that were enticing.  Partying, sex rituals, it was all very alluring.  It all leads to a “do as you want” religion that allowed for anything.

But the Israelites failed, and people remained.  It would be there undoing.

It’s hard as we practice our faith today.  There are so many things around us that tell us to enjoy life to the fullest.  No need to be faithful to your spouse.  You can get whatever you want, cheat, steal, and use people.  Companies disregard their employees for profits.  Public officials line their pockets with campaign donations and leave office with millions more than they entered with.  TV and movies continuously point us away from God.  Then we wonder why we have a dozen dead and 60 injured in shootings in Chicago in one weekend.

Sometimes we have to remove things entirely from our lives.  Maybe it is a toxic person, or something on the internet, or limiting what we watch on television.  We have to live here while in our bodies.  But we also have to remain focused on God and trust him and obey him.

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