What I read today

Joshua 23-24; Psalm 105; Jeremiah 39; Acts 16; 1 Peter 3-4

Peter has written this letter to a group of churches that are being attacked.  When we’re under attack, we usually suffer from fight or flight syndrome.

That means we either run away from the thing that causes us pain or some people will want to stand and fight.

Today we see a lot of attacks coming against the church.  People don’t want to hear about sin.  They don’t want to know that they need Jesus.  People don’t want to hear that their lifestyle doesn’t fit what God commands.

So being human the church has to decide what to do.  Do we run away and hide.  Do we accommodate them?  Or do we fight?

Peter was telling the churches to stand.  But not to fight. Yes, I said it.  He didn’t want them to fight.  He wanted them to proclaim the Gospel.  But with a spirit of gentleness and reverence.  He wanted them to look at those who were attacking them with compassion.  You see they need Jesus.  We already have him.  We have the greatest gift that no persecution or trial can take away from us.  But those attacking don’t.

When confronted with a situation where someone is attacking your faith don’t run away, don’t agree with them.  Gently tell them about the Savior who died for them.  Point them to the one who can take away their anger and rage.


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