What I read today

Joshua 21-22; Psalm 104; Jeremiah 38; Acts 15; 1 Peter 1-2

Peter could really preach it.  Maybe, if you were forgiven like Peter was forgiven, you’d be on fire for Jesus as well.

In these two chapters, you could spend days building theology and rules and regulations.  But it really comes down to what 1 Peter 1 vs 18-23 shows us.

  1. Verse 18-19 – You were ransomed by the blood of Jesus Christ
  2. Verse 20 – Jesus was God himself.
  3. Verse 21 – Through Jesus, we are justified and sanctified
  4. Verse 22 – Because of what Jesus did for us, we can love our fellow man with a pure and sincere heart
  5. Verse 23 – We preach the Word of God which lives and endures forever.  It is God speaking through his word that changes hearts and minds.  People aren’t saved because of our persuasion or salesmanship, but they are saved through the work of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God.

Yep, Peter could really preach it!

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