What I read today

Joshua 11-12; Psalm 99; Jeremiah 33; Acts 10; Hebrews 12

There was quite an evolution with Peter and the rest of Jesus disciples.  Initially, Jesus told them to go to the lost sheep of Israel.  They weren’t to stray outside of Israel.

Jewish people of that time were very isolated.  They kept their culture closed to outsiders.  They chose to be insulated.

Peter, growing up a Jew, would have done the same thing himself.  There was fear of outsiders.  Worship of false gods had caused the downfall of the nation of Israel, so now the Jewish people walled themselves off from the rest of the world.

So imagine Peters surprise when the Holy Spirit tells him to go to the home of a Gentile.

God shows Peter that all of humanity was created by him and that God wanted all of humanity to be saved.  Not just the members of the Jewish race.

That’s quite a sea change for Peter.

Sadly, we have the same problem today.  We don’t reach out to those who are not like us.  We don’t speak to those who look different or sound different.  We fear those who are different from us.  That’s sad.

Remember, God shows no partiality.  He even chose you and me.

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