What I read today

Joshua 9-10; Psalm 98; Jeremiah 32; Acts 9; Hebrews 11

What do we have faith in anymore?

We surely don’t have faith in our government.  Some say we once did but I kind of doubt that.

Maybe we have faith in people, but I’m not sure we actually have that as much anymore.

Do we have faith in the Church?  We see splits and arguments over small points of doctrine. Our church memberships seem to be diminishing.

How about faith in education?  It used to be said, get a good education, and then a good job will follow.  But in recent years how many have spent one hundred thousand dollars only to find no work?

Is there anything we can honestly have faith in?

We can have faith in a God who loved us.  We can have faith that in heaven God is preparing a place for us like none we’ve ever dreamt of.  We can have faith that even if the whole world misses the good we’ve done that God himself will see it.  We can have faith that if we truly seek God out that he will reward us with a relationship with him.

Yes, we can have faith.

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