What I read today

Joshua 5-6; Psalm 96; Jeremiah 30; Acts 7; Hebrews 9

In Israel from the time of Moses up until the Romans destroyed the Temple a high priest would once each year go through a series of steps to enter into the holy of holies.  The priest would bath himself, a sacrifice would be made for the priest’s sins and then another for the sins of the congregation.  Finally, he would enter behind the curtain that separated the “holy place” from the “most holy place”.

The ceremony had to be completed for the forgiveness of sins of the people of Israel.

However, it wasn’t the ceremony that the people were supposed to focus on.  They were supposed to focus on the person who was coming to set them free from their sins once and for all.

Jesus, when he came and died on the cross, entered into the true “Holy Place” and presented himself to God as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.  His blood permanently provided our way to salvation.

So now it’s simple, isn’t it?  Jesus died for you and me.  What do we do with that?  How does that affect our lives?

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