What I read today

Joshua 1-2; Psalm 94; Jeremiah 28; Acts 5; Hebrews 7

Nobody I know enjoys being disciplined.  Being told we didn’t measure up is just not a pleasant thing to go through.

Psalm 94 verse 12-23 tells us that those of us who are disciplined by the Lord are “happy.”  Not that we should be happy. But that we are happy.

Funny I don’t remember being happy when receiving God’s discipline.

Or maybe the Psalm is pointing us to something else?

vs. 12 also says he teaches us from his law.  Maybe he’s saying that as we read God’s word we’re going to see those shortcomings that exist in each of us.  But that in spite of that he still gives us Jesus to save us?

vs. 13 says that he’ll save us from those times when we fall.  Those moments when we fail to live up to his standard.

vs. 14 says that he’ll never abandon us.  In spite of ourselves and our behavior and the times we fall he vows to never leave or forsake us.

vs. 18 says that when we think we’re slipping God himself will grab hold of us and hold us up.

vs. 19 says that when the weight of the world is on our shoulders, when the cares of the bills, or issues with health, or other problems surround us God will cheer our souls.

In the end, we’ll see his face.  We’ll be with him in eternity.  Those who do evil, those who choose to rage against God’s people will no longer be our concern.

We wait for that day.

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