What I read today

Deuteronomy 27-28; Psalm 90; Jeremiah 24; Acts 1; Hebrews 3

Have you ever had your faith shaken to your very core?

I have.

Job loss, health issues, betrayal, all of them have stunned me at one time or another.  I’ve been hit so hard that I wondered what God was doing.  Hebrews 3 vs. 12-14 tell us that in those instances we need to hold on tightly to our faith.

That’s hard sometimes though.

Watching a loved one struggle with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes or heart disease makes holding on to our faith really difficult.  Dealing with the loss of a job or loss of income makes it tough to understand what God is allowing to happen.  Watching a friend go through a divorce when a spouse has cheated on them causes you to wonder about people in general.  Being stabbed in the back by people you thought cared about you causes you to lose trust.

It’s in those times that remaining in God’s word is critical for survival.  Holding on as tightly as you can to God’s promises is the only way you can survive.

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