What I read today

Deuteronomy 25-26; Psalm 89; Jeremiah 23; John 21; Hebrews 2

Jeremiah lived a tough life.  At the end of the nation of Judah, before the invasion by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the people of Judah had turned entirely away from God.  They worshipped gods like Baal, Chemosh, and Asherah.  They practiced ritual sex, child sacrifice and many other horrible practices that God detested.  In the years following David’s death, the nation slowly slipped into these practices. Prophets and priests followed the secular views and began prophesying what the people wanted to hear not what God had spoken through his law.

Now Jeremiah was alone and speaking out against the culture and against those who claimed to be preaching gods word.

God now slams them by just saying they should quit preaching what the people wanted to hear and start proclaiming the Word of God.  The people had slid into evil, and the people who should have been telling them to stop and turn around were running next to them.

We live there today in many ways, don’t we?  Many preach what we want to hear not what we need to be told.  It’s difficult to figure out where to go anymore.  We now seek unity at any costs.

The question I struggle with is at what point does the search for unity at any cost cause us to lose the truth?

Yet in the midst of all this Jeremiah proclaims that a savior is coming.  A savior who will execute Justice and Righteousness.  Jeremiah lived over 600 years before Jesus was born.  Yet he was able to speak about the righteous branch who will save the descendants of Abraham.  The Savior who would come to save you and me.

Humanities problems haven’t changed over the years.  The church is filled with sinners which makes it susceptible to human failings.  Yet our Savior is still here to save us no matter what.

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