What I read today

Deuteronomy 15-16; Psalm 84; Jeremiah 18; John 16; Titus 1

When I was in Junior High School, grades 6,7 and 8, we had a group of classes that would split the year.  In one semester we would spend a quarter in the wood shop and another quarter in home economics.  In the second semester, we would be in Art Class.

Some people have artistic talent.  My wife is a fantastic artist.  My brother does some great artwork.

I, on the other hand, do not have artistic talent.

I can make stick people look really bad.

Each year we would do a clay pottery project.  My parents had a pottery project I made in their basement for years.  I have no idea why they kept it.  It was supposed to be a chair.  But instead, it looked like the blob coming out of the bathtub in Ghostbusters two, shaped like an L.

I could work and rework and rework again and it still would like a blob of clay that was shaped into the form of some unknown thing.

Our lives are like that, aren’t they?  We try to work them the way we think they should go and no matter how hard we try they just don’t come out right.  We switch jobs, we change churches, sometimes we get new spouses but things just never seem to come out the way we wish they would.

But in Jeremiah 18 God says that if we just allow him to take over the potters wheel he’ll change our lives and remold them into lives that bring glory to him.  The problem is that while he’s trying to mold us we’re fighting him.  Instead of fighting him we should relax and allow his hands to shape us and mold us.  We should trust him to create in us a life that is pleasing to him.


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