What I read today

Deuteronomy 7-8; Psalm 80; Jeremiah 14; John 12; 2 Timothy 1

In the movie “Safe Haven” a woman who is running away from an abusive relationship finds her way into a small town and becomes involved with a widowed father of two.  At the end of the movie, the young father’s home is burnt down after a fight with the woman’s abusive husband.    After the fire, he frantically tears apart his office until he recovers letters that his deceased wife had written to their children before her death.  She had written letters to them on events like birthdays, weddings, the birth of children and other occasions.  One of the letters is addressed simply “to her.”  That letter thanks the new woman in her husband’s life and asks her to care for her children.

The letter of 2 Timothy is Paul’s final letter to his spiritual son Timothy.  Paul’s been in prison many times in his life.  But he knows that this time will be his last.  He understands that soon the executioner will come knocking and his life will end.

So he writes this letter to his beloved Timothy.

He begins by encouraging Timothy not to let this time of struggle and his impending death to get him down.  He tells him to continue to fan the gift of faith into a flame.  He begs him to keep holding onto that faith no matter what happens to Paul.

So many things happen in each one of our lives, that cause us to doubt.  Tragedies, trials, mistakes, all pile up one on the other.

But in those times of trial Paul says grab hold of your faith.  Don’t let go of your faith.  Hold on tight.  This world is just a passing phase in our existence.  What waits on the other side is so much greater.

Grab hold of your faith, don’t let go!

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