What I read today

Deuteronomy 3-4; Psalm 78; Jeremiah 12; John 10; 1 Timothy 5

There are things in this world that make me very angry.  Things that I wish I could do something about.

Companies shut down factories so they can make products “cheaper” overseas so the company can make more money.

Banks caught in 2008, failing to safeguard investor funds having to be bailed out by the government.  Bank CEO’s collecting millions in bonuses and no one ever being held accountable.  Those very same banks now making it harder for working people to get loans that they need.

The company I work for selling our portion of the business to another company.  Showing no concern for the 100 or so people being affected yet making sure the senior management team receives bonuses for “saving the company money.”

Companies hiring migrant workers, paying them below the minimum wage with no benefits, no workman’s compensation protection and discarding them when the work is done.  These companies refuse to pay a living wage and now ask for more of these workers so they can continue skirting the laws.

All of this centers around people who desire wealth.  They’ll use anyone they can to make more money for themselves.

We no longer care about our fellow human beings.  We’ve used the terms, “Business decision” to the point where it’s become an easy crutch to grab hold of.

Jeremiah complains of the same thing in today’s readings.  When we put profits over people or when we decide that people are cattle or numbers on a spreadsheet we end up behaving like the Israelites of Jeremiah’s time.

God’s word teaches that we should treat our workers fairly and take care to pay them the wages due to them.  In our world today that means making decisions that are good for workers as well as shareholders.  If all our decisions are based on the almighty dollar, then we end up caring for no one except ourselves and the dollars we make.

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