What I read today

Numbers 33-34; Psalm 75; Jeremiah 9; John 7; 1 Timothy 2

I haven’t been a fan of the last few occupants of the White House.  Regardless of your political affiliation, it’s been hard to view what has gone on in places like Washington DC, Madison, WI, Springfield, IL, Denver, CO, Sacramento, CA or any other state capital and not just shake your head.

Our politicians haven’t given us much to be proud of lately.

Paul’s lived under the rule of the Roman government.  That government was brutal.  Paul had been in jail in Rome after the Jewish leaders tried to murder him.  That was his first imprisonment in Rome.  This, of course, was the very same Roman government that had executed Jesus in Jerusalem.

Yet Paul says that no matter how corrupt the government, we needed to pray for our leaders.  Pray that we might live a peaceful life.  Not only that but he says we need to pray without anger or argument.

We need to do that today!  We currently have a Congress with approval ratings lower than the IRS.  Our current President is not a person who’s planning on uniting the country anytime soon.

But we need to pray for all of them.  We need to pray that our leaders will put aside their petty differences and come together to do what’s in the best interest of the American people.  We need to pray that this never-ending election cycle will be put aside so that these leaders can help with issues that need to be addressed.

We have problems in this country.  We have people who don’t have enough food, our health care system is in trouble, our veterans aren’t being taken care of, we’ve been involved in 15 years of war, and the threat of terrorism frightens each of us.

Yet God is still in control.

We need to pray for our leaders.  They have a difficult and thankless job.  We need to ask God to give them the wisdom and the guidance to do what’s right.  We need to pray that each of them is granted peace and a willing heart to be a servant of the citizens of the United States.

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