What I read today

Numbers 29-30; Psalm 73; Jeremiah 7; John 5; 2 Thessalonians 3

On June 23rd in Thailand, a group of young soccer players and their 25-year-old coach entered a cave which led into a complex underground maze.  They disappeared and weren’t heard from for over 9 days.

Divers found the boys and the teams coach on an elevated outcropping over a mile from the cave entrance.  Starving and weak but alive.  Unfortunately, the cave was now full of water that separated them from the cave entrance.

In life, our journey often takes us to places where our faith becomes starved and weak as well.   We make choices to shy away from God’s word.  We work ourselves to death, we avoid worship, we allow ourselves to conform to the things of the world.  By the time we realize what we’ve done our faith is on life support.  If we were left on our own, our faith would wither and die.

In Thailand, Navy SEAL divers are working feverishly to come up with a plan to get the kids and their coach out of the caves.  Their working against heavy currents, rising water, and storms that are making the work difficult.  But they refuse to give up.

Yet like the Psalmist says in Psalm 73 verse 23 God refuses to give up on us either.  He grabs hold of our hand and works to bring us back to him in spite of all the currents our culture is throwing our way.  In spite of the mess that we’ve made of our lives.

One of the rescue ideas being considered is having the Navy SEALS each attach themselves to one of the kids and tandem dive through the water.  The dive currently takes over 4 hours to complete in pitch black water against heavy currents.  The chief concern is that if the kids don’t trust the diver and relax, they could panic and cause both the diver and child to run out of oxygen before completing the trip.  The key will be can they convince the young people to relax and allow the trained diver to pull them through the water to safety on the other side of the cave.

On July 10th the divers pulled the coach out of the cave.  They were able to bring all 13 out to safety.  Many call it a miracle.

In our faith journey, we have someone who is pulling us through to safety as well, Jesus himself.  While we are active participants at some level, the truth is that we must relax and allow Jesus to take hold of our lives.  We’ve got to give up control and let him drag us through the dark waters of this world.  We’ve got to allow him to use his power to pull us against the undercurrent that is always fighting against us.

We have to quit trying to use our strength and focus on allowing his power to get us through life.  Only then will we be able to get through this life and get out of the cave into our heavenly home.


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