What I read today

Numbers 23-24; Psalm 70; Jeremiah 4; John 2; 1 Thessalonians 5

Too often we focus on things that lead us to despair and panic.  We pay more attention to the negative stuff going on in our lives.  We worry about our bills, our health, our jobs and the things that our neighbors are doing that might hurt us.  Today we have an unhealthy fixation on politics which is dividing us to the point we can’t have civil conversations or disagreements anymore.  We have descended into a nation that is so angry that we can’t even see the tremendous blessings that we have been given.

But Paul says this shouldn’t be how we live our lives.

He says we belong to the day, so yes we should be sober about the world we live in, but we should also put on the breastplate of faith and love and remember the hope of salvation that Jesus gave us.  God destined us for salvation.  We live with that today, and we’ll live with him tomorrow.

Finally, he says to us that we need to encourage and build each other up.  Boy, are we falling down on that one.  As a society, we are tearing each other down like we’ve never done before.  But that’s not God’s way.

We need to focus our lives on building one another up.  Lifting each other up by the hand through the tough times we live in.  Sharing the love of God with one another.  That’s how we’re supposed to live.

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