What I read today

Numbers 19-20; Psalm 68; Jeremiah 2; Luke 24; 1 Thessalonians 3

The day of Jesus resurrection that Luke describes shows a group of disciples that is lost and confused.

The women who show up at the tomb expecting to finish the preparation of the corpse of Jesus.  Only to find the tomb empty.  Peter rushes to the tomb to find it empty and can’t understand what is going on.

Two angels appear to the women and ask the simple question, “why do you look for the living among the dead?”

Then the two disciples heading to Emaus find themselves walking with a stranger.  They don’t recognize him as Jesus.  After everything Jesus taught them while he was alive, he again tells them, “The Messiah must suffer and die and after three days be raised again.”

Finally, he appears to all of his disciples.  He opens their minds to understand what has happened.

Amazing isn’t it.  Jesus told the disciples three times what was coming.  After that, he told everyone who was in the garden what was going to happen as he was led off.  Yet somehow they just didn’t see it.

I wonder how many times in our lives we’ve heard Jesus.  How many times we’ve sat through Easter Sunday.  How many times we’ve sat through Advent and Lent.  How many times we’ve heard about the Savior from sin and death.  Yet somehow we’ve missed the message.

I wonder how many times I’ve had Jesus sitting next to me and missed his presence because I was so focused on my problems that I missed the opportunity to feel Jesus with me at that very moment.

We are his disciples.  He is with us now and forever.  He has risen! He is alive!

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