What I read today

Numbers 11-12; Psalm 64; Isaiah 64; Luke 20; Colossians 3

The past few weeks have been tough to watch.  Anger and infighting seem to rule our society.  People now seem to feel that they can do or say anything to someone who disagrees with them.  They feel justified in attacking personally anyone who holds different political, religious or personal views on almost any topic.  Saying the wrong thing can not only get you fired but can bring protesters to your front yard.

What’s going on?  What is causing this chaos and anarchy to happen?

We even see this among members of our own churches and Christian communities. Theological arguments quickly turn from the academic to deeply personnel within the snap of a finger.  That shouldn’t be happening at all.

A reading of Colossians 3 gives us direction for living through times such as this.

First things first Paul says, set your minds on things that are above.  Think about Christ.  Think about Christ and his resurrection.  Think about Jesus and the new life he’s promised us and that he’s given us.

Then he says to us to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility meekness, and patience.  He tells us to bear with one another and to forgive one another as the Lord has forgiven you.

We need a gigantic dose of this today.

We have politicians and members of the media who are inciting the worst in us this very day.  A President who daily scorches his political opponents.  His Democratic opponents who are openly calling for harassment of those who they don’t agree with.  We have reporters who are no longer just reporting the news but who are overtly trying to make news by the outrageous statements they make.  Those statements incite the medias followers on the left and the right to more shameful behavior.  We’ve had political protests that have gotten violent and mobs storming politicians at there homes and restaurants.  The behavior has become more and more disgraceful.

As Christians, we have to stop being involved in this type of behavior.  That doesn’t mean we can’t discuss or even debate those topics that are on our hearts.  That means we have to conduct ourselves in a spirit of meekness and humility.  We have to show patience and compassion.  We can’t come across as people who are going to try to win an argument by shouting down the other side.  We have to start being the peacemakers.

We have to show love to those who are cursing us and the things we believe. It’s time for us to unite around God’s word and to heal rather than hurt.  It’s time for the church to reach out to a hurting world and offer the compassion of Jesus.  It’s time for the church to really show God’s grace and mercy.  Even if the world throws it back in our face.

It’s time now more than ever to show God’s grace and mercy.

It’s time…

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