What I read today

Numbers 9-10; Psalm 63; Isaiah 63; Luke 19; Colossians 2

King David did not have the easiest of lives.   During his lifetime he was pursued by King Saul who wanted to kill him.  Suffered through the death of his best friend, Jonathan.  Lived through his infant sons death.  Dealt with family strife when his son Amnon raped his daughter Tamar.  Then making matters worse live through another son Absalom murdering Amnon.  Later Absalom would attempt a coup and try to overthrow David.  Finally, Absalom would be killed in battle during his coup attempt.  He lived through war, disease, and suffering.

Yet he could still write the words of Psalm 63.

David knew that this life was temporary.  That all our suffering would be nothing in comparison to the blessings that waited for him.  David knew that he was in the palm of the hand of a great and merciful God.  A God who loved him.  The mission of David’s life wasn’t to build a kingdom. He built an empire anyway.   However, the nation of Israel was supposed to bring people closer to God. In spite of the difficulties, David kept his quest for God at the front of his mind.  Was David perfect?  Absolutely not.  He sinned, he failed, and David understood that.

But he also understood that God was in control.  That God had a plan.  David didn’t really understand what that plan was yet he realized that sometimes you just had to trust that God was doing what was for the best.  Not an easy concept to grasp with all the horrible things happening in David’s life.

Our lives are full of struggles.  They always will be.  But we are invited to turn to God.  To seek God out.  To fall into his loving arms and give our burdens over to him.  We have the comfort of knowing that he’s always three steps ahead of you and me.

Fill the empty holes in your life by seeking out God.  Look at his face in times of trouble.  Cling to him in times of doubt.  He will never turn away from those who need him most.

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