What I read today:

Numbers 7-8; Psalm 62; Isaiah 62; Luke 18; Colossians 1

Who is Jesus?

It’s a question that continues to spark controversy and arguments.

Some say he was a great man, an excellent teacher, a philosopher.  Others say he was a myth or a legend.  The religious leaders in Jesus time thought he was a threat.  Before Jesus resurrection, the disciples thought he was the Messiah.  The crowds thought he was the king who would end the Roman occupation.

Colossians 1 verse 15-20 calls him many things.

  • The image of the invisible God
  • The firstborn of all creation
  • The creator of the universe
  • The one who holds all things together
  • Head of the Church
  • Firstborn from the dead
  • The fullness of God
  • The one whom God chose to reconcile all things to himself
  • The one who brought peace through a cross

In other words, he showed us exactly what God was.  Merciful, kind, loving, holy, compassionate and courageous.

Because he was all of those things we can say with the Psalmist in Psalm 62 verses 5-8:

“For God alone, my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken.  On God rests my deliverance and my honor; my mighty rock, my refuge is in God.  Trust in him at all times O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.”

Sometimes all you can say is, Amen!


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