What I read today

Numbers 1-2; Psalm 59; Isaiah 59; Luke 15; Philippians 2

Isaiah 59 shows us a world that is a complete mess.  Violence fills the streets with blood.  People lie, cheat and steal. People commit perjury in the courts, preventing true justice from taking place.  Society looks for ways to be more and more evil.  Peace and righteousness are far away. Pain and suffering can be seen everywhere.

The world we live in right now looks strikingly similar.  Just Monday we saw a long time congresswomen encourage her supporters to harass political opponents.  We then saw the President resort to name calling and bullying, something he frequently does.  Over the weekend we witnessed the press secretary to President Trump be ejected from a restaurant due to a disagreement over public policy.  Then we saw a CNN reporter shouted down during a political rally.  A few weeks ago we saw a knife-wielding thug kill one and injure 4.  We’ve seen plenty of violence this year.  We’ve witnessed a complete mess at our own southern border with families ripped apart and even more political infighting in the government.

If you objectively look at the state of the world God had every right to just wipe us out due to our own bad behavior.

Instead, he changed the rules.

He sent his son to take on our sins and to save each one of us.  He chose to extend grace and mercy where neither was deserved.

Hollywood couldn’t write a story to match what happened.  In spite of the violence, bloodshed, mistreatment of the poor and needy, and many other horrible behaviors, God chose to save each one of us.

That’s amazing love!



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