What I read today:

Leviticus 25-27; Psalm 58; Isaiah 58; Luke 14; Philippians 1

I read an article recently about Marine Lieutenant General George Flynn and a book he was endorsing called “Leaders Eat Last.”  According to General Flynn, it is a tradition in the Marine Corps that the lowest ranking personnel eat first and that the officers don’t eat until all their troops are taken care of.

In Luke 14 verse 11 Jesus talks about humbling ourselves and serving others.

Nowadays it seems like everyone is trying to build themselves up doesn’t it?  Watch the news for 5 minutes, and you’ll see someone out there making a spectacle of themselves.  We’ve probably all done it at one time or another.

We hear people talk about servant leadership.  However, putting that into practice isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s amazingly difficult.

Oftentimes, we’re told that to succeed in life we need to do the exact opposite.  I’ve been told by many different human resources types that you have to make a name for yourself if you want to succeed in many companies.  You have to stand out.  I’ve been in meetings where people who had no idea what the topic was really about just kept talking to draw attention to themselves.  It’s a common practice in the business community.  You have to develop a following and a personal brand.  You have to get noticed.

Unfortunately, even when we try to live up to Jesus words, we often fail.  It really is one of the most profound and difficult verses of the entire Bible to live up to.

So we need to check our motivations, don’t we? Are we trying to build ourselves up for public praise or are we trying to serve others and build other people up?  Are we living in the limelight or do we want to help others succeed?  Do we desire to be the center of attention or are we content to sit in the back and let others have their moment in the sun?

Living a truly humble life is really difficult.  But it’s vital that each of us genuinely does put others first and ourselves second.  Sometimes it’s best to eat last.




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