What I read today

Leviticus 19-20; Psalm 55;  Isaiah 55; Luke 11; Ephesians 4

There seems to be no shortage of people ready, willing and able to tell us how to improve our lives.  In any bookstore, you can find shelves filled with books promising to help you make the new you.

Watch late night TV or the internet, and you can find seminars, books, programs, and courses all designed to unleash the super new you.

Each one sets its sights on people who feel empty. People who feel like they aren’t measuring up.  People are looking to improve their lives looking for quick answers.

Or maybe it’s people looking to fill a hole in their hearts.  Remember earlier we talked about humanity being made to be in communion with God?  Could it be that we are spiritual beings in need a relationship with the one who created us?

The Bible talks about that as well.  But not in the slick looking, pre-packaged programs of the self-help industry.

In Isaiah 55 God invites us to come and drink of the free water and eat the free food.  He encourages us to seek him while he may be found.  God gives us the gift of the scriptures.  He tells us that if we’re trying to fill the hole in our hearts, we can come to him anytime we want through his word.  The creator of the universe has provided us with a way to hear him speak.

Maybe, rather than trying to be the ultimate success that the self-help wizards tell us we can be, we should turn our eyes to Jesus and fill our aching hearts with his message of Grace and Love.

We have the gift of the Bible.  Maybe we should use it?

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