What I read today

Leviticus 13-14; Psalm 52; Isaiah52; Luke8; Ephesians 1

In Ephesians 1 starting at verse 17, Paul prays for the Ephesian church.

Read it slowly with me.

In Verse 17 he prays that you will have a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you come to know Jesus. As you begin to have a relationship with him?  Our life should be a walk in which we strive daily to walk closer with God.

In Verse 18 he prays that our hears may be enlightened and that we may know the hope we’re called to and the incomparable riches of our inheritance.  In other words, he wants us to know and understand how blessed by God we truly are.  Not just our salvation, but our daily walk with Jesus, the blessing of knowing that our God walks with us every single day.

In Verse 19 Paul says he wants us to know Gods incredible power and the works which he’s done for us.  Not as some act done 2000 years ago.  But as a power, he used on our behalf, which he used for you and me personally right now.

In Verse 20-23 Paul says to us that God brought all of this power together in the form of our Savior Jesus.  God did this when he raised Jesus from the dead and then gave him control over everything and everyone.

To summarize Paul is praying that we honestly come to the understanding of what God has done for each one of us and what it means not just for our next lives but for our current life.  Not just a life we would lead in heaven but indeed a life we can live today with Jesus Christ at the center.

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