What I read today

Leviticus 7-8; Psalm 49; Isaiah 49; Luke 5; Galatians 4

My wife tells stories of her grandfathers fishing exploits.  Apparently, he could be in a boat on a lake out with dozens of others and be the only one catching fish.  It would drive people crazy.  My grandfather would often fish on the Fox River at the campgrounds where they would spend weekends.  He’d sit for hours with an old Zebco rod and reel with nothing but a night crawler.  Kids would be casting with their slick new reels and all sorts of tackle.  Yet my grandfather would always be the one walking away with a fish.  It would drive the kids crazy.

Peter was an experienced fisherman.  He knew exactly where to look for fish.  So if he’s had a bad night of fishing then your probably not going to catch any fish.

Then a crazy teacher gets into his boat and asks him to cast out so he can teach the crowd.  Peter sits and listens.  I wonder if Peter’s thinking to himself, “who is this guy?”

After Jesus gets done speaking he turns and looks at Peter and says hey cast your nets out and let’s get something to eat.

Peter’s got to be thinking, “you don’t catch fish in the heat of the day.”  But he says Ok, what the heck, we’ll humor you.

Then the weight of the nets pulls the boat downward.  Peter can’t believe it.  This just doesn’t happen.  He stares at the man in the boat who’s smiling at him.  He calls his brother and his father over to help because the weight of the fishing is dragging the boat down.

As they head for shore, Peter puts his head down.  He glances over at the man in the boat, and he realizes this isn’t just some preacher sitting in his boat.  No, Peter is sitting with the Messiah himself. Suddenly Peter realizes how unworthy he is to be in the same boat with this man. Peter drops to his knees and begs him to leave.  Peter knows in his heart how sinful a man he is. Peter feels the weight of everything he’s ever done wrong in his life at that moment and the guilt and shame are overwhelming.

Then Jesus puts his hand on his shoulder and says, “come with me. I’ll make you a fisher of men.”

Can you imagine what Peter felt at that moment?  The Messiah, the Lord of the universe, just said: “come with me.”

Peter’s life changed in an instant.

Jesus is reaching out to you and I right this very minute.  He’s saying, come with me.  Give me your life and follow me and I’ll change your life.

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